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Swappable Parkjets/EDF fighters

Swappable Parkjets/EDF fighters (EDF power pods)

Sooo...I was - still am - following Rcpowers and their new V3s are coming up very soon, and randomly a thought for some swappable parkjets came to mind. Taking a look at Rcpowers parkjets, they do run on 2200kv or bigger motors, which are VERY powerful compared to 1200kv motors, so a step up in power would be pleasing, if not required. Which makes me switch over to another idea: EDF Power Pods. It may be a bit more challenging tackling this but it would be awesome if they could be swapped within fighters. Anyway, its Flite Tests choice, so making either one is fine.
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Fly, yes... Land, no
EDF pods would be a challenge I think since an EDF needs good air flow to reach full power.

guy did a good test on EDF ducting and found that NO reduction in the EDF duct is best
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So far I came up with this.
Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 9.10.00 AM.png
Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 9.10.15 AM.png
Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 9.10.40 AM.png
The battery would find its own place throughout the plane, dont wanna make the EDF Power Pod too long or not enough air will flow through
I built a 70mm edf glider using the same basic design as you. The fan unit was placed to the rear most position possible with no thrust tube. It worked rather well. Plenty of room for the electronics in front of the fan, and they stayed cool.

Now I want to revisit this idea.. maybe a wing. Hmmmm....
I had the same idea :) but you though of it first. anyway I though of a way of putting it in. Have you seen how the back of the FT-Viggen looks when its set up for prop setup if you slot in the edf in there and then have the exhaust park connect on with i was thinking magnet but it might be a bit too weak.

maybe not the best picture but you can see what i am talking about