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T stabilizer vs V stabilizer


Legendary member
Usually T tails are better in cases where you need to keep the elevator away from something, like the prop wash or water. V-tails have less drag.


Fred Banned Me
I just realized that a T tail is different from the traditional tail (which i guess is an upside down T), which is what I was originally thinking about. I have a design in mind that I want to work on.. at least after I get some more flight experience. and wanted to start doing some research to prep for my design.


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For us mere mortals, I don’t think there is any significant difference between a T tail & the traditional inverted T.

If you are using 1,000’s of gallons of jet fuel, a T tail can put the horizontal stabilizer in cleaner, less turbulent air. This makes it more effective, therefore it can be slightly smaller & reducing drag.