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Talk to me about small motors.

I am still fairly new to scratchbuilding and R/C in general, and so far I have been building planes in the Experimental Airlines style, all variations on the Axon. I have two 50 gram motors (Turnigy 2826 1400 kV and 2200 kV) which are well suited to these planes.

However, the field closest to my house is slated for development, and is only just barely large enough to fly the EA planes to begin with. As such, I am looking to build smaller and lighter planes that I can fly in tighter spaces.

If I understand correctly, most of the FT planes are designed more for something in the 25 gram class, and I would like to pick up a few motors in the 5 - 25 gram range. The price range for motors in this class seems to be rather extreme, and I am having some difficulty determining what is actually worth the money. I would like to avoid the crap, but I don't want to spend any more than I have to. I am also not object to rebuilding a crashed or burned out motor -- if replacement parts can be had easily and at reasonable prices.

I saw the article on the emax 2812 which seems like one option, but I am curious what else I should be looking at. My preference is for US vendors (which includes the HK US warehouse) with reasonable shipping options.


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Check out the f22 thread. the 2812 motor and 1300mah batt combo works great on this guy. Slows down well and can be flown in a very small field. Blue wonder is also great for smaller lighter builds. emax also has a 2805 motor that may work out for you...


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Good call- the 2822 may even be more appropriate for a light build where you want to swing a slowfly prop.
HobbyPartz also has a huge selection of smaller motors, haven't really tried the smaller ones but I'm using their some of their Rocket Series motors that I've been real happy with.
The CF-2812 and CF-2822 come in at 39 grams, which is quite close to the Turnigy D2826's at 50 grams I already have. Turnigy also has the D2822 which also weighs 39 grams and seems to have a little more thrust than the Emaxx motors. Does anyone know how these motors compare otherwise? I definitely prefer the frame mount of the Turnigys over the grub screw mount of the Emaxx motors.

It seems like the Blue Wonder is the way to go in the 25 gram class, but what about smaller motors?
I have used this successfully in the FT Speedster and FT Old Fogey
HobbyKing Donkey ST2004-1550kv Brushless Motor (USA warehouse)
RPM/v: 1550kv
Dimensions: 28 x 17mm
Shaft: 3.0mm
Voltage: 7.4v~11.1v
Weight: 33g
No-load current: 1.0A @ 11.1v
Max Current: 10A
Max Watts: 100W
Mounting Holes: 33mm

Prop Data:
7035 - 7.4v - 3.5A - 180g Thrust
8043 - 7.4v - 6.4A - 285g Thrust
7035 - 11.1v - 6.5A - 370g Thrust

Works great from the US Warehouse and it is $6.00
I am using a 8x4.3 slow prop with 500 mah battery 3s 11.1 volt and get 7 to 8 min. flight time.
I have over two hours of total flight time on this motor so far!