Taranis VBAT low and critical alarms - what do you use?


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I've recently gotten into the world of Taranis, and I'm loving it. I setup analog voltage telemetry via A2 on a D4R-ii. I set a low battery audible alarm at 11.4 (3.8) and a critical at 10.8 (3.6).

When I took my mini Fokker tri out today with a 1 year old 800mah 3S Tipple 20C battery, it almost immediately gave me the low battery alarm. I was getting bad voltage sag, but it would rise above 12V after landing. This battery is likely on its last leg, but more importantly, what low and critical voltages does everyone else use?

I also flew a 850mah nanotech and just got used to flying threw the audio warnings (not very useful).