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Techone hobby EPP Swift 3D third flight


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Hi Guys, this is my first post here :p
I recently got a EPP Swift that im going to use to improve my flying skills, i have not to much experience but im feeling confident enough to move on to try a 3d model like the Swift.

I use the stock setup that was included in the kit except for the servos that needed to be replaced, i now use HXT900 on the ailerons, and Turnigy 12g metal gear servos on rudder/elevator.

I dont have any other experience from 3d models, but i really like this one, good thrust to weight ratio so that you can power your way out of trouble if necessary and the size of the plane makes it easy to see and easy to handle aswell.

Anyone else that has tested this one?

Technical info:

Fuselage length: 1180mm (46.5in.)
Wingspan: 1200mm (47.2in.)
Flying Weight:810--900g (with battery)
Motor: AT2814 KV 1000
ESC: 40 Amp
Propeller: 11x4.7sf or 12x3.8 sf
Servo: 12-16g micro servo*4pcs
Radio: 4/more channel
Battery: 11.1V 1500-2200mAh Li-po 25C
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This looks like the perfect plane to start 3D on. Great flying.
Even the little girl is excited !! I might have to get me one of these soon.
Thanks for posting.