Tell Me How to "FliteTest" Review the XK DHC-2 from


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Crashtest! As you can see at the start of the video (might have to pause it) the cracked front end patched up just fine with a little carefully placed hot glue. And you can see from the rest of the video it takes a beating. The brick wall "test" (accident) held up amazingly well. It did break the foam that the motor mount attaches to, but the front plastic screen pulls off easily enough to repair it without having to rip anything apart. It even kept flying with the loose motor. And still I can't break that prop.

Another thing I'm impressed with is the flight times. After this 5+ minute session the battery is still at 4.01v per cell. (2s 300mah)

If you fly like this and want a fun micro plane, here's the link that will support more Gearbest reviews from me.