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Temora Aviation Museum

I went to an airshow! lol

Temora is a small country town in south western NSW here in Australia with a population of about 7000 it has and Aviation museum featuring aircraft from the Tiger Moth bi-plane to the F-86 sabre jet and more! It was an amazing experience, got to see the only Gloster Meteor in the world fly aswell as a Spitfire Mk 16, Tiger Moth and Auster.
I got some video of the Meteor and Spitfire, vids abit long but oh well you can fast forward if you wanna see the spitfire :p also some of the spitfire parts in black and white as you couldnt see it aswell in full colour!



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Temora is a wonderful place. Got to go there on my last trip to Wagga and boy was I glad I made the effort to get there. On the day I was there got to see one of the Spitfires, the Sabre and the Meteor as well as Harvard's all putting on an amazing flying displays.

It is wonderful to see an amazing collection in 1 place, with most of them in flying condition. The one thing I really want to see flying one day is the Canberra bomber. Still haven't seen one of these in the air.

The start up of the Sabre is quite something. I nearly sh#t myself! the noise is amazing. If you are anywhere near Wagga or in Canberra, make the effort to go, it is a wonderful place for "Big Boys".

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What a View! I was in heaven.
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Yeah, we love going there. Great family day out. I was going to go last Saturday but they changed the flying program to planes I'd seen already, and only 3 of them at that.

We'll be dragging glydr out there soon if he doesn't get motivated himself...