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Thank you flitetest!


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I have only been flying for about 2 weeks. I have been watching Flite Test for 1 week and 6 days.
With that 1 day of flying without flite test i was a nervous wreck. I was dodging trees and running into things. Then i watched flite test. Next thing you know i am doing high speed, low altitude flying. A few days later i am doing flips. And today i am already making plans for my first scratch build!; :D You guys have inspired me actually. I have always been interested in rc flying but you guys made me love rc flying! Thanks for making videos guys! :applause:

p.s. i may also be such a good flyer now because of the rc simulator ive used for a year.........nah!
I was recently watching YouTube videos with my son and stumbled on some of your videos that re-sparked my passion for flight. Now like a lot of people my age I recalled the expense of RC hobbies and the disappointments of expensive repairs to total disasters. Then I accidentally typed the word "scratch" into my search bar, that one little word sent me to your site where I found a bottomless well of knowledge and experience that will save me years of trial and error along with $$$$. The spark is now kindled and over the weekend I built the ft bloody wonder " minus the electronics so far" and now I cant wait to get in the air !!! You guys rock and the videos with Josh and Josh make me feel like we were cut from the same piece of foamboard. Special thanks goes out to Chad for such an amazing idea to educate instruct and inspire folks like myself, and like you I hope your popularity is viral enough for your show to go television.
As I am new to forums; pics avatar and quotes coming soon :black_eyed:
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I, too, an new and found flitetest by accident on youtube. I think I now have watched nearly every video, read pages and pages of forums, built a power supply from a atx ps, built a foam f22, and a swappable fuse ( for a later baby blender). This place is addictive. Unfortunatly I also live in Ohio, so I have the same weather you see with Josh and Josh (a little windy today!) So I will wait a few more days to crash- I mean maiden- my F22.