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The simulator screen shots thread


How many letters do we ge
@glydr: I can see your point but for many people, 150$ is quite a lot. Even though the price is reasonably good, they just can´t afford it and want to rather spend them on a real plane then on a simulator that you could get "for free" if you want to see it like that. (not saying that I downloaded)
But anyway. what can you do about? nothing! So why argue about it and lose your energy for that.
All true, and like I said no hard feelings. I just type it out there in case someone didn't realise or think about it and wants to do the right thing by a fellow aeromodeller.

I saw a legit Phoenix sell 2nd hand on a local RC classified forum for $95 including postage... so keep an eye out.

Love the 747 landing on an RC field.

And a pic or two to get back on topic:


hawk jet.jpg

You seem to really like flying through/under objects :D

Anyway nice pics. Looks like its a high quality sim.

It is a challenge to make it through the caves/tunnels. Have a highway tunnel I have not made it through yet. Yes it is high quality. Has a walking mode with there 4D. Very interesting. Will post some pictures of that later.


Monkey/Bear Poker
BF-109 flyby:
BF 109 flyby.jpg
B-17 flyby:
B-17 Flyby.jpg
JU-87 Stuka flyby:
JU-87 Stuka.jpg

These are all in Clearview.

Here is a hover with the Tribute 3D:
Tribute 3D.jpg
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