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The simulator screen shots thread


How many letters do we ge
Nice landing!

The wind might shift a little to the right to make it more on the slope. I've got that site set at 133°

Thanks for the credit on HK by the way!

Ill try the 133 degree ... i have another question on the phoenix 2000 go there to pick another credit :D

I never flown RC real life yet - still building my kits (waiting on parts)

but already spent 2 x 8 sets of AA batteries on my transmitter in simulators :D


Rotor Riot!
Hovering the Giles-202 in AFPD. I can hover, but if I start to torque roll, I lose orientation, especially of the rudder, so I end up flipping.



Rotor Riot!
Perfect flat spin! First time I've managed to do this. I need to keep it in a hover before doing the final stick position.

Pressing T in Aerofly Pro Deluxe enables the colored trace.

Using the OMP Yak something.



Senior Member
I finaly got one that I thought was worth sharing.
"landed" on the button, it only stays landed for a few seconds before it "crashes"



How many letters do we ge
Hey, you're flying at Kambah. That oval is about 8-10min drive from my house. The asphalt is very good for landing planes with u/c. In fact it's so big you have to discipline yourself to a set it down in a particular spot.

Cool shot.