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Think I fried my 9x :(


Elemental Madness
I was installing er9x last week and I followed Bmsweb's tutorial and got it all done, looked good. I tried to flash it and it said it wouldn't recognize the 9x. The 9x still turned on and stuff, but now I tried to use it and it is not sending signals to the receiver. I then read the 9x pdf and I was using wwaaaayyyy to hot of a soldering iron :(
So I guess I need a new 9x!
Did you try to rebind? I'm hoping whatever you did just lost your binding. You DID plug the module back in right?

Fingers Crossed. I think they posted me that there was 38 9XR's in stock international, that means theres some real shipping needed SO make sure and get anything else in the box you can. But make sure you check the bind issue.