Tiny 600 5.8ghz TX

Take a look:http://hobbywireless.com/58-ghz-tra..._115/58ghz-600mw-32ch-transmitter-p-1897.html Tiny600.PNG


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This new breed of single-button / LED channel-selecting vtx is great. Not sure why it took so long for the industry to get away from DIP switches, but I welcome the change.

Basically, you long-press the button to change "bands" and short-press the button to change channels. There is a row of 4 LEDs that indicate which band you are on, and a row of 8 LEDs to indicate band.

Band F is ImmersionRC / FatShark


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Does it remember your last selected channel? The only problem I see with that setup is if doesn't and you fly with others using 5.8GHz, everyone would have to turn them on at the same time and change bands/frequency before flight. Just have to coordinate timing on powering up.


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Yes slow pass it looks like the Tx is probably the same but this is a camera with the Tx. Stick it on something pair it to a ground station or goggles and of you go.