Getting into FPV


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So I am not new to RC but want to take a stab at FPV flying. I've strapped gopro's and runcams on many planes but want a more immersive experience. I'm not sure what parts I need for FPV. I've got a couple of wings that would be perfect for FPV. I found this on banggood: FPV Cam
I'm guessing I would just need a battery to power it and goggles to view right?


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Don’t go the DJI O3 Air Unit road… because once you do, it will be only that or give up FPV for good. It IS SOOO GOOD!


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Ok. What else will I need? Battery and goggles?
Yes, goggles, a battery for the camera/transmitter, some kind of mount for the camera. The camera I linked is small enough to just use a drop of hot glue to secure it, but an adjustable mount would be nice.

The FT store has a couple affordable goggle sets.§ion=product
The $55.00 set does not, to best of my knowledge have DVR capability. The $75 set does. I have that set and they seem to work well enough at the price point. I had to make my own face gasket to allow me to wear reading glasses with them.
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