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Tiny Whoop Doesn't Have Enough Power

When flying my Whoop it will either suddenly drop to the ground and come back up as I'm hovering, or not be able to catch itself even at full throttle when descending.

I've tried re-soldering the power connector, and I've fully taken apart and put it back together twice.

I use a standard white plastic whoop frame, 4 blade props, 6x15mm 67000RPM coreless motors, a BetaFPV Frsky OSD FC, and an Eachine TX05 camera. The batteries I use are 260mah 4.35V 30/60C BetaFPV batteries.


Well-known member
Very typical of tiny Whoops if you cut power and try to catch it it just does not happen. That being said going to 1.25 battery connector and batteries with the 1.25 connector helps alot as the tiny standard connector limits power by a bunch.