Tough Tilt Tricopter For Sale


I have decided to sell my FT Tricopter with tough tilt, complete with motors, escs, flight controller, and servo. The tough tilt is assembled with servo installed, and the electrohub itself is together with the three arms attached. Essentially, it's put together and ready to go except that 2 motors needs to be installed, the forward facing ones. It also comes with the motor mount for the two motors on the front.

Specs: DST Turnigy Aerodrive 1200kv motors, got them new when I ordered the tricopter last year.

20 Amp Afro race spec escs, all three work to my knowledge. Got them new with the motors.

Turnigy TGY-9025MG Servo.

Flight controller is a KK 2.1.5 hard case version with remote programmer included. Never crashed or overloaded the circuit.

Propellers (if you would like) are 10x4.5 slow fly.

The only trouble I had with the Tri is that I could not get it to lift off the ground. Whether it was the motors not producing enough thrust, or something else, I have not figured it out. My only warning I give is that I was unable to make it work, but I do not have any experience with multirotors before this one so it is probably just me. The problem was that I would throttle it up, and it would then angle forward no matter the input I tried on my transmitter.



If interested at all let me know, I am asking $150 or best offer. I am open to trades of any kind, don't be afraid to ask. My price is flexible as well because I don't know how much to ask either, so I am open to offers. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in Menominee County. I am willing to ship, or if you are in the area you may pick it up or I can deliver if close enough.

Thanks for looking!