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transmitter off, motor running?!?


Elemental Madness
So I flew my Crack Pitts today and was surprised when I turned my transmitter off, the plane's motor started running slowly. Then, I unplugged the battery and it stopped(duh!)
So why did it start running once it lost signal?


Propaganda machine
It's the pre-program failsafe. I don't have Spektrum gear, but I'm pretty sure you can program the failsafe to do pretty much whatever you want, e.g. cut motor power, centre servos etc.


Elemental Madness
oh ok. I have been in the habit of turning off the transmitter so I don't accidentally turn the motor on while unplugging the battery.


Old age member
Some receivers gets their fail-safe positions from the stick position when they are bound to the TX.
You should always rebind once you have got all your programming done, like reverse and trim.

Some prefer the failsafe to be
motor off,
slightly rudder to get the plane to circle and not to fly straight away,
elevator up to get the plane to stall and loose altitude.
Those settings are good only for "self flying" models like trainers.
It is good practice to set your fail-safe to reduce engine power to minimum (off in the case of electric, or idle in the case of nitro, models over 7kg MUST have a working & set fail safe).
In the UK it is covered by Air Navigation Order which is the law in this country. Either way its just simple to make sure you have no spinning twirly thing going if you should accidentally hit someone or something!!