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Trappy Interview


Staff member

Raphael Pirker (Trappy) is an Austrian born university student that has a passion for flying first person view (FPV) RC planes. Recently his passion got him in some hot water recently!

He decided to prove what many people thought couldn't be done. He flew an unmanned aerial vehicle in New York city. While the footage is stunning, and Trappy claims it was all legal, many feel it was an irresponsible and reckless act.

Flite Test is a strong supporter of the RC flying community. We believe everyone should practice responsible and safe behavior. We also believe in treating people with decency and respect, no matter what they have done. Many people have been making judgments and accusations then posting them as facts. This interview is a rare opportunity to hear Raphael's opinions and ideas straight from his mouth.

Flite Test, and its producers, do not condone unsafe or irresponsible behavior. Please take the time to understand, and abide by local laws and regulations while flying.