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Has it been a year already? Something for the viewers.


Stuck in Sunny FL
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About a year ago, I was surfing around the internet, when I came across a video that started off with what looked like a tv show intro. It then went on to show some magnificent aerial footage of a beautiful landscape, seen through puffs of clouds, tinted orange by the glow of the sun on the horizon. I searched for more. Obviously this was professionally done, there must be other such clips, right? There was, but not much. I had stumbled upon this fresh from it’s conception. I was hooked and I wanted more. I contacted the owner of the videos, wanting to know who came up with this, was it going to be a reoccurring show, when could I expect more.

It wasn’t long before I got my answers. The man behind the show we now know as Flite Test, was Chad Kapper. Yes, it would be a regularly produced show. Soon, he assured me, there would be more soon.

More was exactly what we got. The show continued to improve. Two excellent hosts were brought on board. A dedicated crew of audio and video experts was assembled. Creative ideas were shared, and a new premise was born.

From the very start Flite Test showed that it had the beginner at heart. This came from the fact that Chad himself was just getting into the hobby. He had recently experienced the thrill of his first successful flight, but not before he had felt the frustrations of a few that were not so fortunate. One of the things these experiences taught him, was that as rewarding as achieving flight was, the path getting there could be prohibitively difficult without help.

Once was a time you could find a local Radio Controlled flying club field, and ask for assistance there. This can be intimidating. It can also be expensive. There are often many fees associated with these clubs, and the out of pocket expense, that could exceed one’s discretionary budget. The free online information was sometimes a matter of getting what you paid for. Searching and finding useful, and valuable assistance could easily exceed the skills or interests of someone just curious about the hobby.

Recognizing these issues, Chad formed the concept of an informational video program about RC aircraft, with the goals of aiding the new pilot, entertaining while educating, and growing the community of model aviation. He had the resources, he gathered the people necessary, and he gave that concept life. A year ago, after a few trial episodes, Flite Test as we know it came into existance.

Since then the youtube channel has had over 300,000 views, over 1.6 million upload views, and has more than 10,000 subscibers. The FT team has a Facebook page with nearly 3000 likes, and is a participating member of several online discussion communities.

Flite Test has sought to be a readily available resource for anyone with an interest in model aviation. With this goal in mind, the creators of Flite Test have worked hard to take their community building to the next level.

So, in coordination with their one year anniversary, and as a way to say thank you to all of the fans that have supported the show to the success it has achieved, the Flite Test team is proud to announce the Flite Test Community Forums.
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Awesome. I have been flying for almost exactly a year. I found this show while looking for more info on night flying. I watched the night flying shows and have been checking back ever since :) It's awesome to watch Little Josh progress and follow the learning curve while me and my sons are following a similar progression curve. Keep up the great work and keep the shows coming.
Now show some good COMBAT!

Brian fred carr

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Thank god I stumbled across FT about the same time they got going, them guys have saved me an absolute fortune,taught me
how to fly and made me smile many times....so many times thanks


Stuck in Sunny FL
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Saving money? Are you watching the same show I am? I've had to use a lot of restraint to not buy everything they've featured on the show.



Stuck in Sunny FL
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It's been 4 years since you wrote this Fred!

Thanks for all your hard work!!!
Thanks Chad!

But this thread was written 4 years ago! :p Thanks Fred, Chad, and all of Flitetest!
Thank you Snarls.

Does anyone work harder on behalf of Flitetest than Fred? I dont think so. Thanks a lot Fred for all you do for the community!
Thanks Steve! Not sure I deserve all of that.

Sorry Jim, I don't know how to add a "like post" feature.



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Please understand, that was more a plea than a jab. Also note my thumbs up above my post echoing Chad. You have done above and beyond many times over what the FT Team has needed. You've taken on many responsibilities and have been very responsive to the community. Forgive me. You've busted your butt for this community. What I should have simply said was...

... Thank you!