Tri-copter dips to left with.....


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Hey All,

I searched the forum posts for this topic, found a place where one guy asked about it....but there was no answer. Anyone know what might cause this:

My Tricopter (based on David Windestals design) (running a KK Blackboard) when given throttle inputs slowly, flys GREAT! It tracks well, is incredibly stable....really a joy to fly. becomes a different animal entirely when I give throttle inputs more aggressively.....if I "goose" the throttle the copter dips hard to the left. It seems as if the motor on that side doesnt respond as quickly as the other two. once this happens, it seems to throw my gyro out of whack....causing me to have to hold right aileron to hold it level in a hover. If I land, unplug, then plug back in and reinitialize it, it is fine.....until the next time I throttle up too fast.

I am flying 850kv motors, 20amp esc's, 2200mah 20c lipo's

My batteries are fairly old, but still fly it for close to 10-11 min. Is it possible that the battery is not feeding the juice to it fast as it requires?

(i am texting with Chad as i am writing this, and he suggested that maybe the left motor is bad. I have another, so I will try swapping it out as he suggested. I will report back what happens)

in the mean time......anyone have any thoughts, opinions? anything is welcome.

Thanks in advance!




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It could be the battery but I think it is quite unusual that it is always the exact same motor that doesn´t fully speed up.

I´d go the way chad suggested because that seems the best way to start with.

If that didn´t work you might wanna reflash your board.


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Sounds like you need to reprogram your ESCs.

You might have to reset your throttle end points.


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Hey All!

Okay, so I tried reprogramming the esc's and resetting the throttle points. I swapped out the esc with a new one, and I flew it with a new 2200mah 30C lipo. And it still kept doing the same thing.

So last but not least I tried Chad's idea and swapped out the motor.......that was totally the issue. This things flies like a dream now!!!!

Thanks to each one of you for your input......I greatly appreciate it. Will post some pics and vids soon. :)

Merry Christmas to all!!