Help! Crazy motor shootout on throttle


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Hi everyone
Recently I purchased a brand new speedybee f405 v3, and build my fpv drone with it, i faced a lethal problem in my drone and can't figure out what to do about it, after trying for weeks and identify problem here I ask for your help.
I usually fly drone with GPS thats why I firstly flashes with inav and after all configuration done ,when I fly the
drone in open ground and as soon after arming when I throttle up a little bit my drone went crazy and got
crashed in full speed , going in one side , after this incident I started troubleshooting and found no error, all things were calibrated, all motors are spinning in correct direction, and were calibrated (dshot 300) and propellers were also correct.after this I went for another tryout, and same thing happened again. Now
flashed with betaflight thinking it might be a firmware issue, as soon as I completed flashing and setting up
drone, and tried a little throttle test in my room only (biggest mistake), as soon as I throttle up (very little) the drone went crazy and came towards me, and withing a blink it was so fast I can't even elaborate , if drone came on me I was dead for shure, after troubleshooting and trying I removed the props and places on surface to see actually whas the problem is ( which I should have done before ), after i hit the throttle all motors went crazy spinning in full speed and shortly after motor screached in which I burned my 2 motors, but to provide.

I am confused and after all troubleshooting I came to ask for your help

something solid i am posting betaflight logs which are short because motors were screeching and might would
Caught fire
Below i attach log and video elaborating problem, if this is some hardware issue which is creating problem esc or
fc? And I would be really happy to provide any other information,
Thank you .

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