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Tuning PIDs on a Multiwii v2.3 DJI F450 Frame.


Junior Member
So I'm new to the forums (M. Anthony over on RotorDR1 sent me here :) ) and I'm working on a scratch built DJI F450 clone with a Multiwii board, v2.3 firmware. I'm using 2212 1000kv brushless motors with 30a ESCs and 10x4.5 props. It appears fairly well balanced out, and vibrations seem to be fairly low by looking at the sensor graphs. Now what I'm struggling with is PID tuning. Is there anyone with a similar setup that has some PID values I can put in to get it in the ball park? It is waaaay off. I can get some video if needed, but its barely wanting to get in the air. Thanks in advance!


Junior Member
I'm actually getting somewhere now! Although the battery dying and having to be recharged makes thing have to move a little slower pace, but it is actually getting somewhere! Hopefully tomorrow Ill be able to do some GPS waypoint testing!


New member
I don't know anything about multiwii but I wanted to give your post a bump.

How's things coming? Did you get your PID's straightened out?

If not, post a video of how it's flying now and I'm sure people would be more willing to help out! ;)

BTW: Welcome to the forum!

M. Anthony


Junior Member
Thanks! And I'm getting there, havent had a chance to take it outside and test the GPS because its been so windy today with a cold front we've got moving in. Its still a bit buggy, will get a video either later tonight or early tomorrow and get it posted!