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Turnigy 9X


Senior Member
Hey folks,
I am going to sell my 9X. It has been modded with the white back light, and the SmartieParts 2.3 board. I've also flashed it with er9x.
Make me an offer. I'll ship anywhere, but the buyer will have to pay for the cost of shipping and insurance and all that jazz. I am shipping from Burlington, Vermont, if you want to figure out shipping on your own.



Senior Member
I would like at least four thousand dollars. I will, of course, settle for much, much less. :D

I am getting rid of it because I don't have the patience for it any more. The receivers are hard to get, and the one receiver I had died this weekend, and turned my ST Blaze (same thing as a Dynamic-S) into a pile of confetti. I am quite sure that it is the receiver and not the radio, but I am irritated by the event enough that I want to get rid of it, and get something else. I haven't decided on what yet, though. Aurora 9, DX7s, maybe just a Tactic ttx650. Dunno.

Shipping to Denver would be very cheap, I think, Foam Addict. 12 bucks for no insurance, on the slow truck.

Foam Addict

Squirrel member
Hmm. If you have no takers by Wednesday, I will private message you.
You do realize that those 3 channel HK ground receivers in the us ware house work great don't you?
I have a friend who flies anything from a slow stick to a 105 mph stryker with them, and loves them.
Disclaimer: he no longer has the Stryker, It was destroyed by yours truly after he gave it to me.:p


Senior Member
I wasn't sure which ones do and do not work. There is not a good listing anywhere with all of the receivers that do and don't.
I manage a managed service provider, basically an IT department for companies that aren't large enough for a full time person, or need special, expensive skills. I spend all day playing with technical puzzles. When it is time for fun, I want it to be fun, not more work.