Need a little help on DJT Module on Turnigy 9x binding with ER9x


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Hello everyone, so this is my first forum post I hope I am doing everything by the book :D
I recently got myself a DJT Module for my Turnigy 9x which I already modded with the backlight and ER9x Firmware a year or so ago. And I was fine flying Flysky but I wanted to see the Frsky side of the things and bought myself a Eachine Fatbee FB90, and I am trying to bind it with my DJT Module and I have tried many things but no luck for now.
I checked several binding guides for both DJT Module on D8 mode (both switches down (OFF)) and the fb90 and even though I successfully put both the rx and the tx into binding mode they just seem to not get well with each other.
Please help me as I am certainly missing something.

Thank you so much in advance!