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Twin Spitfire?


creator of virtual planes
Towards the end of WWII, some crazy American thought it would be a great idea to put two P-51 Mustangs together to make a twin engine fighter.

And they called it, the P-82.

No, that's not photoshopped. They really made these.


They were made too late to be used during WWII, but where used in the Korean War. (And then called the F-82.)

A quick interesting exert from the Wikipedia page: "On 27 February 1947, P-82B 44-65168, named Betty Jo and flown by Colonel Robert E. Thacker, made history when it flew nonstop from Hawaii to New York without refueling, a distance of 5,051 mi (8,129 km) in 14 hr 32 min. It averaged 347.5 miles per hour (559.2 km/h). This flight tested the P-82's range."


My show suggestion, yes I'm making another one. I'm full of ideas, well, I'm at least full of something. My show suggestion is for a certain crazy Swede to make his Spitfire into a twin plane. Or his Ripslinger.

I think it will make an interesting episode, possibly a great plane, and it's only a few modifications to an existing plan.


creator of virtual planes
I've always hated that plane lol (the P-82).
Why? Because it's ugly? Because it seems like it would give the (RC) pilot a headache because it gives the illusion of double vision? Maybe I want to see David try to fly the mind screw that is this plane. And it probably would be an awesome flying plane.