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Twin star II maiden crash near lake Geneva (France)


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Backstory: Began a month ago
bought anx floater -> tale broke off because wrong cg and inexperience
Ordered a new one for 30 euro's and trained in flight sim so the new one wouldn't die on its maiden.
New one arrived -> reinforced the weak places of the airfraime -> had several successfull flights -> crashed at high speed because esc overheating and motor failure.

So after my Axn floater had an horrible crash due to motor failure (lose magnet) I ordered a Multiplex Twin star II because i wanted a bigger airframe and better build quality. I finished the build two hours before we went on vacation to France.

I would have preferred to do my maiden via a ground start but that was not possible due to the height of the grass.

I told my dad not to trow the planne so it would pull itself out of his hand and fly, but somehow he forgot and trew it into the wind while i was to low on my throttle. Because i was scarded to damage te foam i did not power up and the plane probably just stalled and spiralled to the ground,


Result: one broken wing clip (the clip breaks so no damage is done to the foam).

6 euro for 2 new ones from multiplex :O

Also some of my axn floater flights + death:

When i'm back from vacation i will try again and succeed in a stable flight. I hope finally to be able to fly fpv.

5.8Ghz 200mW vtx CL antenna and SKW on receiver
Osd running on CL-osd (home arrow etc..)
Natterer modelbau twin star brushless set:
808 keychain cam #16
Frsky 2.4Ghz telemetry set from hk