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Types of Foam


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In this Flite Test Fast Tip, Chad and David talk about different types of foam, and also, what glues you can use on each type of foam.



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I don't want to die alone :( but I think that only applies to David; He'll die alone in someone's basement if he doesn't build stuff with foam :D

Chad said:
Build something for the show or you'll die alone in this basement!
Yeah, foam safe ca, shoe goo, foam tac (see our website) and my favorite, low temp hot glue. With the low temp hot glue you can spread it with your finger for a nice, caulk like seam.
Good video, but would have liked to seem them mention EPS, Elapor, and Z-Foam. Where EPP is closest to Elapor and Z-Foam, but of those are better than EPP. To me, seems like a major over site.


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I think I'll build a new Wing or something . . . out of foam or my wife is going to leave me and I'll die alone lol

Love these quick tips!


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Good video. I'd like to see more about working with different types of foam. What is the best foam for scratch building? How do you shape it? Can it be sanded?

P.S. She who must be obeyed could leave me. (i hope not) But as long as our dog doesn't go with her. I won't die alone.
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i am trying to find a good glue gun however i am unsure as to the correct wattage i should look for
40 Watt is the one they refer to when they say high temp on the videos at FT.

A 20 Watt will work OK for short glue runs.

I tried a 40W the other day but it did not seem to like the multi temp glue stick (flow issues if I left it on too long, and, the glue was boiling full of bubbles when it came out).

I plan to go back to my 20 watter and get a second 20 watt and have it hot and ready if I do something with a long glue run. It just seems easier to me to switch back and forth than deal with the 40watt boil.