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USAF Show Idea

I’m an Aircraft Maintenance Officer in the USAF currently assigned to Grand Forks Air Force Base (GFAFB), North Dakota. I’ve only recently come across your YouTube channel and website (love the channel, I have subscribed). I’ve been out of the hobby for a while now and I’m trying to get back into it with my 6 year old son and I’m thankful to have found this community again. Enough about me, here’s my idea…I work at a base that has a rich history in aerial refueling and the KC-135 Stratotanker (currently we are flying the RQ-4 Global Hawk Remotely Piloted Aircraft from GFAFB…another cool show idea!). We have a scale model of the KC-135 (pictured below) hanging in our heritage hall in the building I work in. After watching the video of Josh getting a ride in the F-16 and being refueled by a KC-135, and also after watching the coffee maker plane episode, I thought it would be cool if you could do a “refuel” with a KC-135. Lots of things could work here, whether it’s just seeing if you can even get two RC aircraft to hook up midair, or trying to make coffee again or just transferring a liquid, or maybe charging a battery midair. You could utilize FPV on the receiving aircraft and have a refueling boom lower on the model KC-135 and have the receiver aircraft hook up (maybe utilizing an electro magnet). This may not be a new idea (I think I’ve watched all the videos you have posted), but I thought I’d throw it out there. Happy flying!!

Commander, 319th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron