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V-Tail pilots I have a weird problem. Need some advice

I have just built a V-Tail quad and though it flys great, I have noticed that it hangs its tail down in a hover. Is this normal? I had an H-Quad before this and I also am flying a T-Copter and neither of them exibited this sort of hover stance. If I kick the self level on it will straighten up the way I think it shoudl but then it will begin to move forward at a pretty good clip. I dont really need to use the self level but like to have it handy in an emergency, but if it causes forward flight then that might be more harm than good. So what have you experienced, is this normal or do I really have an issue with this ship? Thanks
how about a picture?
maybe you get some forward thrust from your V, have you checked your angles?
That's the first thing I'd check. To hover, all the thrust vectors have to add up to straight vertical. If it's hovering at an angle backwards, it's because one or more motors are pitched forward relative to the frame and you have to tilt it backwards to counteract it.

What do the rear motor arms look like? Perhaps they are flexing under power, letting the motors twist forward.
I have the same exact problem, in level mode it goes forward, and if i try hovering in normal mode the tail hangs, i think it might be a balance issue but i still need to figure out why is doing it
my build is a 3mm plywood (its in testing phase) and 15mmx 250mm Wood booms. I considered the offset and im going to CNC a policarbonate frame to replace the plywood and continue testing


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
I'm on the fence regarding 3mm marine grade plywood and G10 or carbon fiber. The frame usually doesn't absorb much damage in a crash and if you design efficiently, you're only saving the equivalent weight of maybe a micro servo by using CF or G10.