A Tail Bronco SAFE Mode reversed?? Baffled!


Hello; I am finishing up my Bronco A-Tail. I installed a AURA in it and everything is working as normal. The AURA is oriented in normal forward - upright orientation. "6 Axis Level Assist" (aka SAFE mode) works correctly with the ailerons to keep the plane level. BUT! If I point the nose down the elevators deflect DOWN. This would lead to an instant short flight if it was in the air. The rudder is reversed too. Yaw causes more yaw. I had to reverse the elevator in the transmitter to get it to respond to stick in the correct direction.

I am continuing to work on it. Maybe I need to change the positive to negative settings in the feedback?? Did that but no joy. Also changed the Level Assist Pitch setting from 30 to -30 but had no effect?? I didn't expect any change.

Any suggestions appreciated. I think my next move is to contact Flex Innovations directly.


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DO NOT REVERSE CHANNELS IN THE RADIO TO "FIX” THIS ISSUE! The Aura is expecting raw stick/switch info from the radio, and this does nothing to fix the Aura config issue.

Use the Aura configuration tool to reverse the servo throws of the a-tail servos. There is a reverse toggle when you dig down into the servo/channel config



Well! slap me with a fish! :D You are exactly correct! Working properly now! It is now props on and off to the flying field for the test flight!
I always use the config tool to put the 6 Axis Level Assist mode in the bottom most position of the mode switch.
I never noticed the servo reversal option on the Aura Config Tool as it is off the bottom of the screen and never had to do this with other planes. Learning something new every day!

Have a great weekend and 4th of July!