Very sudden and strange prop adapter issue


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It'd be amazing if the tiny screw actually held on, if there's not a flat spot...
Normally, it’s such a tight fit that the grub screw isn’t doing much. When I’ve replaced the shafts, I’ve had to use a hammer and a punch to remove the old shaft.


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Sorry, we’re taking you seriously and just offering the best suggestions we can. The thing I said is something that I encountered once, so it’s reasonable to assume that it could happen to somebody else too. 🤷‍♂️

Hang on, is it possible that it’s not your collet slipping on the shaft, but rather the shaft slipping in the bell housing? There’s a grub screw that holds the bell housing to the shaft. If that’s loose, then the bell housing could turn around the shaft.
Good catch! I had the same thing happen on the motor that I use on my foam cutter. Set screw stripped out.
Yep so that worked. It was the set screws on all the motors, somehow they're all loose. That's why I couldn't tighten it. The shaft was spinning.

So somehow now it's much frigging quieter, almost a low buzz.

But my elevator servo gave up the ghost, twice. So a new problem 😀