Vinyl sticker material


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I saw this stuff at Michael's craft store, I think Joanne's carries it too, and I though it may work on the scratch built Storch I just finished. So far it seems to stick very well to the white foam board, even after treating the board with Minwax.

Amazon sells it too.

They also sell a cutting machine that cuts designs for you for $225.

I purchased the 12x 12 sheets and am cutting with a razor blade.

You can also remove the stuff without tearing the paper on the foam board. So far I like it and its fun to work with and it looks way better than paint, plus less mess and cheaper.

Does anyone else have experience with the stuff? I guess I will see how it holds up in flight...



Liam B

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I do, but i got some from dollar tree! Its a rare occurence, but sometimes theyll have them in stock. I like the stuff too, so much that I bought an 6x5 foot roll off amazon for 30 bucks.


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Some of the vinyls add a lot of weight. I covered an entire Sea Otter and it ended up too heavy. A Storch is a totally different plane, but still, I'm not sure what would happen if you covered the entire wing with vinyl.

Myself, I plan to try airbrushing again.



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Yup! I have an old ShilouetteSD that still cuts vinyl like a champ. All the brands are pretty much interchangeable. I've even cut monokote for different designs. The image below was cut on the SD and as you can see, details can be quite good.