VTX Tramp Protocol not matching actual VTX power


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So I have an HGLRC XJB 145mm https://www.banggood.com/HGLRC-XJB-...mW-Switchable-VTX-p-1211377.html?rmmds=search

it has tramp protocol enabled, which works fine, but when i go to change the VTX power setting, it says 0 25mw 100mw 200mw 400mw and 600mw (if i remember correctly) and the actual VTX power settings as told by the manual are 25mw 100mw 200mw and 350mw. i believe when i change values it does keep those values and does actually change the power, i can tell by how much range i get.

so.. how would i set it to 350? just set it to 400? also if i do set it to 400 or 600, would it somehow overpower itself and overheat? i mean, thats probably unlikely, but i dont wanna take any chances. also, if i set it to 0mw, will it actually be off? since the manual doesnt say anything about a 0mw capability

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Cannot help with your problem , I have read where they tested actual output versus claimed out put and many video transmitters are way overrated in power versus actual.


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i tried switching to smart audio and now smart audio only shows status, which doesn't really show anything useful, and of course tramp then doesn't work, so idk what else to try


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I'm not very familiar with any of this, I missed the boat on that v2 VTx by a couple days - the v1 doesn't have smart audio at all. I remember reading in the BF release notes for 3.3 they recommend that you upgrade to the newest OpenTX version (2.2.1?) and the newest LUA scripts.