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HGLRC XJB F428-TX20 Omnibus F4 Flight Controller 28A 2-4S Blheli_S ESC 25/100/250mW Switchable VTX, RunCam Split Mini

Trying to follow along with HGLRC_F428-TX20_V2-manual and https://www.runcam.com/download/split/RunCam-Split-EN.pdf

So far I've managed to get connected to Betaflight, remap the motors and spool them all up.

I've had no luck getting the lemonRX to bind with a Spektrum Dx6e, and no luck getting a video output yet.

I also got some smoke to puff when I hooked up BATT from the FC to 5v on the VTX ... oops, instead of the 7-26v. May have cooked it completely? I've got a nano and a TBS unify I could use. (the diagram for the FC manual pictures a slightly different VTX model)

Does the LemonRX go to DSMX or SBUS or PPM? Does it LED/flash in bind mode? Does it pull 3.3v? Can I use a Betaflight CLI command to help bind with Spektrum TX? How does the Runcam pass through the FC and to the VTX? How does the OSD get integrated into this setup?

Any help is appreciated!



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I would start by resoldering the orange and grey wires. Those long exposed wire can and probably will short on the components under them when you reassemble the stack. That and the grey one looks like a cold joint and may not have good contact.

This video should help you out.


Wake up! Time to fly!
if you are VERY careful you can usually scrape the coating off the trace to a pad and solder a wire directly to that then super glue the wire to the board so it does not peel the trace up over time.


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Had a couple setbacks getting the stack to fit in, and had to re-solder some connections (using flux this time helped a lot). Took a bit of time getting the TX settings worked out (reversing Yaw and Pitch, reassigning some channels, and adjusting the throttle level - Spektrum Dx6e). Test flight was successful so I've just put it all together and am letting the blue loctite set up. Curious to see how the RunCam footage looks ...

Thanks for the help in all the previous posts. I wonder what should I build next?