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wanted rtf electric setup


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looking for something moderately small, 40 inches or smaller, and easy to disassemble. preferably something easy to fly, something strong intermediate is fine. I'm in Missouri for USAF tech school on the Ft leonard wood post near waynesville for the next 2 months and would like something (almost anything) to fly. i would "prefer" something with a dx6 tx but anything is fine. and any size up to around 40 inches is fine too. I'm open to ultra micro size as well.

Let me know if theres anything available!



looking for something moderately small
That's what she said... ;)

Man, you have a world of airplanes to choose from, Jesse! You are plenty competent enough to fly any intermediate airplane out there. I'd stay away from the ultra micros, but that's just me. Grandi and I were talking about how awesome your scratchbuilt P-38 looked just this week! It was just a bit underpowered.

I know you said RTF, but consider this... If you want something fun, fast and virtually indestructible, go with the Assassin combat wing. I can't believe I'm beating Ninja to this recommendation! He must be off his game. :confused:

The kit is for sale here: http://crashtesthobby.com/products/assassin

Here's the other stuff you would need:
fast enough - http://www.headsuprc.com/servlet/the-BRUSHLESS-MOTORS-cln-Emax-CF2812-motor/Categories

as nasty as you wanna be - http://www.headsuprc.com/servlet/the-2119/Power-Up-400-Zoom/Detail
**20 imaginary bonus points if you can tell me THAT reference**

ESC for either motor - http://www.headsuprc.com/servlet/the-2056/Emax-Budget-30-Amp/Detail

Servos - http://www.headsuprc.com/servlet/the-2313/iFlight-13g-iS903MG-Metal/Detail

With all of this, you've topped $100. Therefore, I offer option #2!

I will hot wire cut a combat wing for you from blue foam. Heck, I'll even glue it together and laminate it for you! That'll save you $60. Just let me know how to get it to you. I built one for Grandi and it really does outperform the Assassin in flight! Teachwing V2 should take to the skies this weekend. If you remember Vince (tall, skinny kid with the Sky Surfer, UM Mustang, Mini-Super Cub and Wildcat), I built a wing for him, too. This one has a better airfoil, more sweep and washout at the tips. It should be a beast! Cost: Too cheap to even calculate!

Just get your DX-5i shipped to you and you don't need another tx/rx!


More combat please...
The Assassin is great. I am off my game and most likely my rocker.
But he did say RTF...

Dude. The Assassin ROCKS. I'm sure Teach's custom cut wing will rock too.
Kinda smallish, I like it because I can take it along with me almost anywhere, great for a quick flight or two.
Do some searching for Mike Frease on the Assassin thread.
This guy is another military serviceman.
He shipped all the parts to a hotel room in Japan and built his first Assassin while on a TDY rotation.
He bought a hard case for a combat bow and customized it so that he could take his wing on assignments etc.
Sounds like this concept could work out well for you...


For the foam and laminate - nothing. You'd just have to order electronics as listed above two control rods, two clevises and two control horns.


Total for everything you'd need for the wing minus tx/rx is $72.30 including shipping from HeadsupRC.com. This includes an 1800 mah, 3s battery. If your heart is set on a DX6i, you can just order it. But, might I suggest the Turnigy 9x or Fly Sky 9x? Much better value in my opinion. You'll never find the Turnigy in stock. You can buy the Fly Sky from Hobbypartz.com for 90.45 + shipping. They're the same radio. These are 8 channel radios with 10 model memory and lots if cool stuff. They claim to be 9 channels, but I think that's only on a technicality. A DX6i will cost you $160.00.

If you like, you can purchase the electronics, motor and hardware for the wing, ship them to me and I'll build the whole thing for you including a cool USAF paint job complete with insignias. I'll pay the cost of shipping to you and we'll call everything even with the Tiger 40!


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That sounds awesome. Lemme check with the wife but I think I can manage to send you the electronics and stuff I'll let you know as soon as I get clearance


Will do, Ninja! I've been meaning to do one, anyway. Now that school is out for the summer (tomorrow is last day) I have some time on my hands!

Jesse-If you get the clearance, just shoot me a text or pm and I'll give you my address to have everything shipped.


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I'm definitely going to want the wing. and i know i will be able to get the parts, the only thing is weather or not to have you ship it out since i don't have a ton of time here or just to get it once I'm back on leave. also i wasn't sure if it would be easier to make a trip to the hidden hangar when i get back on leave or order off-line before hand. my last problem is that i need to have my Tx shipped and my wife packed it so it didn't get broke until i got back and or shipped my stuff to malmstrom AFB. so I'm not sure how to go about it.

anyhow if you are feeling froggy some morning and want to put one together ill definitely be getting the parts to finish it. wish the closest hobby shop wasn't 2 hours away too hahaha
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First, congrats, again on your marriage! Second, Krista looks damned cute in those pics - Lucky guy!

When will you be back in PA? I am pretty excited about building this for you. Can you give me an idea of what you are looking for in terms of size and performance? The wings I've been building are pretty simple. They're about 32" in span.

Now, are you just looking for something to fly or are you looking something you can use for, say fpv? I have a set of plans (in my head) for a larger FPV flying wing platform with a blended body. I can make the wings removable from the center section for ease of moving since you are in the military.

Or, I can build a very simple flying wing that performs great, takes up minimal space and is tons of fun. Just let me know what you are looking for. And, don't think you are putting me out in any way. I am on summer break and love to work on this kind of thing!

Hope to fly with you again, soon!