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Warped Foamboard! What to do?


Junior Member
I wasn't sure which area to post this in but ...

I just visited a local Dollar Tree for the first time and bought several sheets of white and black foamboard.

I had to really sort through many sheets to find some that were not badly warped. I couldn't find any that were ideal and the 2 black colored boards I bought were pretty bad although the best I could find in the store.

Then, I noticed that there were major differences in thicknesses between boards, some being almost twice thinner that others.

My obvious question as a newbie is: how can I, if at all, straighten the warped boards are is that just the way it's going to be? Perhaps, I can find a way to make the warped boards work anyway?



creator of virtual planes
Your boards look just like the ones I build with. They always have that slight curve to them. I just build with them as is and I haven't had any issues. It might be a slight issue with planes that require a large flat area that is only a single sheet of foam board, but more complex planes it isn't an issue at all. But even the FT Flyer has small enough of a flat area for it to not be a concern.


Junior Member
I bought some foamboard that was as warped as yours. I just placed close to the balcony, out of the reach of water, placed a book on top of it and let it capture the moisture of the rain while it was flattened by the pressure of the book. It worked O.K. Maybe if I left it more time it would have flattened even more.