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Was thinking of a competition for the best Franken plane


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The Cobble V2 "Frankenplane" made her maiden this morning, and surprised me with how well she flies. I think she would make a great trainer. The take-off dolly worked well, other than I need to come up with a stronger system to bracket the fuselage in the front. Only issue was I misjudged my landing approach and got caught in a bush (minimal damage).

I have video from the camera (seen mounted on the top cross-piece between the rudders). It's a bit dark, as it was the first flight this morning, but I'll get it edited and posted sometime today.



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I think I count three planes posted so far. Any other flight reports? I'd love to hear how the others flew!

The Cobble, being only three channel, isn't going to win any aerobatics awards.


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The Cobble made a second flight today, with a nice, no-stress landing this time. The revisions to the take-off dolly worked great, and she lifted off from the dolly without any problems at all. Only "oops," if I could call it that, is that I didn't set a timer on the Tx, like I do for my other planes. After flying around for a while, and thinking I should be hearing that count-down ticking already, I brought her in. Reviewing the video from the keychain camera, there was about 8 minutes between take-off and touch-down, but she was still flying fine.

Screen-grab from the video: