Water-resistant foam board in germany?


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Hey everybody! I hope, this toppic havent been discussed anywhere else but I'm desperately searching for a source for water-resistant foam board here in germany:-/

Ive already found some Depron-boards in our local Baumarkt but they are not very strong.

Does any of you can give me a hint where I could find them or at least something similar? Or do I need to coat it by myself (paper / tape etc.)?



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Hey recklax,

welcome to the forum.

I don't think you'll find something like that in Germany. Heck it's probably difficult to find it in the US unless you order at Flite Test.

I've never seen paper laminated depron, but it's the stuff a lot of people suggest to use instead of FT Foamboard. You have to use tape to get the hinges, etc right though.
Ah, a fellow EU based builder! Welcome to FT. I have similar problems. My solution is to get 5mm XPS foamboard from a Byggmarknad (Bauhaus) = Baumarkt here in Sweden. Using tape to cover it. The only problem I have, is that the material is kind of brittle and easily breaks. So even a light crash will damage the plane. Easy to repair though.