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Westfoam foamboard from HC

I have seen discussions on other UK threads about its merits but they seem quite old.
Was wondering if anyone has any new thoughts having used it for a few years.
I’m interested because have got a HC credit note burning a hole in my pocket!


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Westfoam is the 5mm board I used for both my Scout and Speedster. It’s HEAVY! All the stuff we talked about re: needing to alter plans, elongate the nose etc will all apply.
If they have 3mm buy that and cut the slots for B folds etc on the inside of the plan lines then you won’t have to change the shape.
If they sell coloured packing tape that’s a good thing to buy, as you can decorate your TT with it.
Thanks FDS
Looks like your stalking me now!
Don’t get me wrong I think the FT stuff is brilliant but I need to get rid of this credit note and I noticed they do sell this stuff!
Looks to be all 5 mm stuff to me.
As you know am keen to build warbirds and don’t want them flying too fast so it might be better.
Sorry to sound like a traitor but this site doesn’t seem to use a A and B folds just 50 % pencil score lines


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If you want slow flying planes then lightest possible weight is what you want. 5mm westboard is not a light material.
If you have a credit note then a craft iron is useful, it is used for smoothing exposed edges on FT foam, see my SE5, plus it’s handy for doing covering film, which can be used for balsa planes and foam.


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Covering film is used on balsa planes instead of tissue and dope, you can use it on non waterproof foamboard or as decoration on foamboard planes. It’s also useful for race wings.
Rounding the edges looks like this, I do all my FT board like that now.


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Hey. I just joined, I've been lurking on here for a while.

I'm wanting to build either the Simple Cub or the Tiny Trainer.

I went and bought 8 sheets of foam board from HC as they were doing 4 for £10, so seemed like a good deal.

But is it too heavy to use?

I couldn't find anywhere else doign the FT foam board without it costing a fortune.


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Yes the 5mm UK board is too heavy to use without modifying the plans. I just buy the speedbuild kits, it’s easier and faster. I have built three planes out of UK 5mm, all were hopeless flyers without extending the nose by 50-75mm to counter the extra mass, plus lighter is always better.
FT foamboard is about £2 per sheet from Model Shop Leeds and Sussex Model Centre plus a few other stockists. If you are scratch building that’s what you will want.
I agree the HC 5mm board is a bit heavy. I built my FT spit direct from the plans with it with no alterations. I found some of the bends etc a little tough to make and didnt get as crisp a finish in places as i maybe would like.
That said, dont be put off. That spit cost me 10 quid in foam board. Its not a big investment in order to have a crack.
Its the first plane ive built and the second plane ive ever flown. With no instruction or buddy boxing. And she flies great. It might be a bit heavy and i have nothing to compare it to except an ultra micro horizon hobby sport cub S with all its gyro wizardry. But i love it.

That said. Im due to go to new york with work next year. Im gana fill our return freight boxes with dollar tree foam board for sure!


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You could buy the FT board here for £3 per sheet until recently. The larger FT designs will all take bigger motors and batteries, there’s some slack in them, not so much with the minis.