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what can a broken servo be used for?

I have a cheap 9g servo with chewed gears sat here doing nothing. I dont really want to replace the gears because it would probably cost just as much as a replacement servo, but I dont want to throw it away because the rest of it works fine and I think its a waste.

So, what can a broken servo be used for?


Rotor Riot!
It contains a small motor - that runs on 4 - 6 volts. It can probably be used for a micro plane or just for cooling - if you know how.

If it's a HXT900, then a new gear set is $0.48 with a buddy code. A new servo costs less than $3. I'd fix mine up.
I know what you mean, I've got a number of dead servos due to one thing or another don't want to put them into a plan again but be a shame to turn them into a runway