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What I do with ESC's


Elemental Madness
I've had very little time lately, but this weekend I managed to fly between storms for an hour. I noticed my ESC was getting a bit hot so I decided to open it up, i.e., take the heat shrink off. I've never looked inside one so I was surprised to see the huge heat sink on the side.
I like these blades:

Alright, I just took off the heatshrink on the flat side:
Or all of it...

And put it on the outside of your plane:

It keeps it nice and cool. Look at Hobbyking, they have stick on heat sinks for the flat ones.
Yeah I think they normally expect their ESCs to operate within their limitations (you'd hope) so the cooling, as long as there as airflow over the heatshrink the heatsink will be mostly effective. Coming from a computer overclocking background though externalising the heatsink and then putting it right into the airflow can only be a good thing! Nice mod!