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What is THIS? 😱

I caught this too! From the vstab I'm going with either B-17 or B-29. Also I noticed the MS Spitfire showed up in the store so I'm guessing they will be releasing the MS warbirds staged. We know the 109 is pretty much done from the paint tip vid so I imagine that will be the next drop. Just a thought, the bomber may be for a future battle reenactment episode for some warbird releases!?!?!
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I know nothing!
I saw something pretty epic in the giant paper airplane video... :eek::D:D View attachment 156690
I totally missed that! Good catch! All I can tell is that it's really big and twin engine. Heck, could be a bomber, a C130, a jetliner or a pod racer. That's an exciting find, whatever it is.

Personally, I think @SquirrelTail is right. So many people have been clamoring so long for a B29 build. I would be really surprised if that's not exactly what we're looking at. :)