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What is this plane like....any good?????

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
I would like to start a thread on users opinions of planes to be bought by other users
eg: I want an fpv platform and was thinking along the lines of a 2metre span glider, but last night i saw the HK fpv raptor for $71.00.
So my question is does anyone have this plane and is it any good?????

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
Hello mike
Whats the skywalker like,wingspan, power etc etc, I originally was gonna get a 2 metre nine eagles sky climber..... the review I
saw on HK live for the raptor looked good so now i am in a quandry and getting feedback on other peoples platforms could help


Crash Test Foamy
Hi Brian, wingspan is about 1.7m and it comes as an ARF, so mine will be getting the e-flite 480 brushless out runner, 40 amp esc, 4s 2200 battery and hitec feather servos. It still hasn't arrived from HK warehouse, should be here any day now.