What planes should be used by beginners?


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I have never made an rc plane and i'm looking for ideas in both the DIY and premade planes. Please include 3d printable options as well.


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This flying desk is done slowly in 3-5 evenings. I have learned to fly and more than 40 other people I know. There is a video where I taught a 6-year-old boy to fly a neighbor's son in the country. I still fly this model and mow grass with a screw...


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I'll add my vote for the Tiny Trainer. I have a Tiny Trainer, a Tutor, and a Scout. The Tiny Trainer is the easiest to fly and also the easiest to build of any of them. It floats so nicely. It takes less damage in crashes. Also, it doesn't have landing gear which takes away an unnecessary complexity for new flyers.

That said, I love my Scout and my Tutor too, but the Tiny Trainer is fantastic for first timers.