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What Will you be flying?

I will Bring my:
ZMR 250 with Diatone PDB
FT Tiny Trainer, Probably its last flight the fuselage got destroyed in a crash
FT Mini Sportster

What are you bringing?


Skill Collector
Electrohub Tricopter (w/ FPV assuming the transmitter and goggles I ordered arrive on time)
Micro FT Flyer
Baby Baron
Baby Brit
DTFB Das Little Stick
Tiny Trainer (plan to build a fiber glassed fuse in the building class - existing fuse and horizonal stab getting real rough...)
'Cursed' Seawind

Electronics to build a mini-guinea, mini-duck, or some other mini sized twin on site. And potentially parts to build a bushwhacker. Or maybe just bring home a kit for that one.
* Definitely my new HMB-X5. Looking forward to racing!
* My boring, undecorated Mini Scout that I finally got around to building over a year after I bought the speed-build kit.
* My CineTank quad that feels like a hippopotamus next to my HMB
* Maybe my Bix3 --- but it's in need of repair and I was thinking about scrapping it. I might yank out the FPV stuff and just cruise with it. I get 35+ minutes per battery!

I'm planning on building a mini arrow while I'm there and maybe some other stuff. We'll see!