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What would be the best beginner/trainer multirotor


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i want to learn to fly multirotors but i have no experience whatsoever with them and i cant afford to crash and learn right now. what would be the best to learn on?


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I've heard a lot of good things about the hubsan's. I picked up a Syma X1 last year when they first went under $50 delivered...but then they got popular and the price went back up. Looks like they're down to under $35 now.

The X1 is a nice little learning quad. Takes a BEATING and just keeps going and going. I did eventually manage to bend one of the prop shafts and break one of the landing gear...it still flew but wasn't quite as stable. And when I ordered replacements from hobbypartz they screwed up and sent me more parts than I ordered so repairs were super cheap :D I've yet to break a prop, but I have bent a few.

One of the things I most like about the X1 (and some of the Hubsan's) is that it uses the flysky protocol so it binds with my 9x TX no problem. You loose the flip function that way (and it's really hard to flip it manually though I have succeeded a few times by making a sudden move then chopping the throttle when the wind is just right to help carry me through.) The big limit on the X1 is the TX is really weak and the RX is prone to interference so range is horrible unless you bind it to a better TX like the 9x. But the 9x also gives better throws than the stock TX so you can do more aggressive maneuvers.

My biggest complaint about the X1 is just that I got bored with it fairly quick. Too small to lift much more than a keychain cam out of it's case. But for getting a taste of quad flying it was great and after a year of planning I'm finally working on building a larger better quad.

It's got a cage!
Actually I have only an AR 2.0 Drone I've flown so I am not the best to advise on this, but I'm gonna get this one for my father-in-law to get him flying at least before he goes and blows his money on a DJI Phantom or Vision
You have to be kidding me! $32.00, that is amazing. Not a huge fan of HK but sometimes they impress the heck of me when it comes to new products meeting the markets needs.
+1 for the Hubsan. I only get to fly my homemade tri on the weekends and the Hubsan scratched my flight itch quite well during the week. It was great for doing drone missions against the cat and/or the girlfriend. I would take it out on the back porch and do flips and fly it around the yard while waiting for my coffee to brew every morning. It was awesome... until I handed the remote to my friend who I expected would just crash it in the yard, but instead he promptly flew it up, up, and away. By the time he handed the remote back to me it was too late. No orientation + high wind = Hubsan on top of one of neighborhood buildings, or maybe up in a tree... who knows.

It is an awesome quad though. Super super fun, and spare batteries can be bought at HK for about $2.50 each.
i would suggest a hubsan x4 and then move up to something a bit more professional like the any copter and then go where you want after that i guess. ive just got a turnigy talon tri frame and built today (upgraded from an anycopter tri). ive also got a hubsan x4 FPV because i want to learn to fly fpv and it hasnt let me down at all, neither did the original, its a great place to start.
If you have a DSM2 or DSMX transmitter you want to fly with, look into the Nano QX from Horizon Hobby. A little pricier than the options listed above; but it flies great, takes a beating, and binds to your own transmitter.