When an idiot builds a plane: Spitfire Build

i have no clue how to do this

Boring Backstory

Ok so here I go. I have had a bit of scratch building experience. I've built 3 planes. The first was a Dr1 Fokker(16'' wingspan) when I first got into the hobby, it has flat wings, was horribly planned, and electronics didn't really make sense with the airframe and I was using Emler's foam board to build. To give a perspective of how little I knew about the hobby, instead of using a prop mount I just slid the propeller onto the motor… Needless to say it crashed. The 2nd plane was kind of a warbird with a 26'' wingspan and I had a friend install electronics but it was too tail heavy and I probably could have fixed it but I ran out of patience and just hand launched it and it crashed… My third plane(28'' wingspan) flew but was too tail heavy and the wing was too close to the nose but it probably would have flew with some more adjustments.


30A Esc

DYS D2830 1300kv brushless out runner motor(on a 9x5 prop)

9 Gram servos

A lipo battery that will be 3S 1300mah but I don't know if I want to get a
Turnigy 1300mAh 3S 30C Lipo Pack from Hobbyking(cheaper)

an Ovonic 11.1V 3S 1300mAh 50C LiPo Battery Pack from Amazon(higher C rating, but I don't need something that high; Prime, faster shipping & free returns)

and its all controlled by an absolute trash Mode 2 hobby king 4 channel transmitter...

And it will be built with Dollar Tree Foamboard

Weight Estimates
Powerpod: 15in * 2 in * 3walls - 20g
Fuselage: 30in * 2.5in * 4walls - high estimate - 67g
Wings: 40in * 8in + 6.25in * 30in - 108g (wings are elliptical so I just did 40*7.5 to calculate the estimated area)
Turtledeck & Formers: 40g
Horizontal & Vertical stabilizers: 210sq in - 46g

Total of foam board: ~241g

Electronics: ~290g
ESC: 35g
Motor: 52g
Lipo: 115g
Servo: 36g
Receiver: 12g
Cables: 10g
Random Stuff: 20g
Prop & Prop Mount: 10g

Total: ~531g(18.7oz)
Wing Area: ~300 sq in

Wing Span: 40in
Length: 30in
Chord: 7.5in
Width: 2.5in

Wing Loading: 8.98 oz p/ sq ft
WCL: 6.2

So far, I am still waiting for DollarTree to restock its foam board so I am drawing blueprints. These are on paper cause I have no clue how to use things like Inkscape and stuff.

And if you don't have something nice to say about my build, say it.

plz give tips
plz give tips
plz give tips

Indy durtdigger

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Why don't you print off the free plans Flite Test offers or any of the ones fellow forumers have designed as a starting point?
Why don't you print off the free plans Flite Test offers or any of the ones fellow forumers have designed as a starting point?

Im probably going to yolo this even though I know I'm going to crash because well I like designing much more then flying or building, it might crash but I really like designing...


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You asked for tips, here are mine:
Try the old FT Spitfire, it should work well with the electronics you’ve specified. You’ll get experience building and have a known aircraft to learn to fly with. Then when you crash it you can take everything you’ve learned about building and flying and apply it to your own design.
If you choose not to take this advice, you’ll probably need to ask more specific questions to get the answers you’re looking for. We’re happy to give answers to those questions, but don’t be surprised if you hear the “build something else and learn to fly it” advice a lot in the interim.
Edit: I’m right there with you on enjoying designing more than building or flying. The annoying part is that without the building or flying you won’t know how good the design is.