Where to find the plans for the accessories?


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I am building the Mighty Mini Pun Jet. I have almost all of it completed using cardboard and our new laser cutter (First trial run :D ). However, I cannot seem to locate the plans for the mini firewall for it. Where can I find the plans?

BS projects inc.

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They are part of the plans for the plane. If you scroll through them you should see them and if not look at the tiny trainer plans and somewhere in there they have the firewall plans.


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found it on the mini speedster. Is there a standalone one though? removing them from the PDF's for our laser cutter is a pain..... Is there an easier way to do this?


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I use inkscape to import the PDFs and save them as DXF, you may find that easier to edit/modify in your laser software.
(I use RDWorksV8 with my laser)