Help! Where to fly my stuff?


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Where do I go fly my RC? My neighborhood field is tiny and there's always some people playing sports on it. My drone is a DJI Tello, and I'm thinking of getting a JJRC mo5 or a JJRC W01 because they're cheap and I don't think they'll go very fast. There's no RC flying fields around here without me having to go far enough to call it a vacation, and I've lost 3 RC things to the trees already and I don't want to crash into any more of them


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Where do I go fly my RC? ....
It would be good to know what part of the world you are from.

In my part of the world, we have several excellent flying sites. Most are located on public parks, 3 city parks and 1 state park. All of the parks have invited us to fly there. They look at it as a way to draw others to the park.

I would encourage to look around your area for parks, practice fields & empty parking lots. For me the winter opens up more flying sites, the park that was crowded in the summer is now vacant in the winter, even comes with a paved runway (empty parking lot).

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The air…

Okay, actually all the above are great places to fly, and if you can only find a small area make sure it’s dead calm. It’s a trade off between distance from home and odds of a successful flight, and if you can’t safely fly, then don’t fly there of course. Also, I believe there was a thread all about getting a plane out of a tree, which could help you in the future if you get unlucky again. Best of luck!


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Thanks I found a field I think I can fly in I asked the staff there and they said they don't have problems