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Which autopilot?


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I'm looking at doing an autopilot project with glydr. Well, we've talked about it a couple of times. It looks pretty straightforward at first glance, but gets complex when you start comparing systems.

I've spotted what I think is a great deal on a 2nd hand APM1.4, with a Mediatek GPS, all soldered up and is plug and play. But then the sensors on the APM2.5 are much better, and the package is much smaller, and at $199 it's pretty keenly priced.

A wildcard is the Crius AIO Pro. I've got a GPS to chuck onto it.

Any thoughts?


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I have to say when we floated the idea I never thought it was something that would actually happen. Particularly as it can become an expensive exercise.


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I'd typically agree that it would be too expensive. However my parents have told us to look for Christmas presents (astoundingly early...). I've also got about $30 left from the sale of my Corsair to go towards it...

But yes, pretty much all our current funding is going toward a different project...

The Crius is just $63 delivered: http://www.rctimer.com/index.php?gOo=goods_details.dwt&goodsid=765&productname=
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As long as you are good with finding all your own documentation on the Crius it is a good part. RC Timer is absolutely no help on it. I bought the "Lite" version and the description said that they provided instructions to upgrade it fully. There was not one word included with it and when contacted there reply was basically, sorry, find it on the web yourself.



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Hmm. Yeah. APM at least has a dedicated website of autopilot jockies... I don't think there were all that many pages on RCG on the Crius either.