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Which ClearView Model is Best for Learning Tricopter?


Junior Member
Hi. I want to learn to fly RC, and I'd really like to start with the Tricopter build here on Flitetest. I'm not sure if the tricopter is the best heli to start with, but my goal is to shoot video and FPV.

Before I dive headfirst and spend a bunch of money, I'd like to try a flight simulator. So I'm going to download ClearView SE. Can anyone recommend the best model that would most closely match the flight characteristics of the tricopter? Or do I need to buy the Phoenix software and use a custom model?

I have the same simulator. It's decent. I suggest the largest heli they have, only because it's difficult to see the others. My bride used the 700 nitro to learn before transitioning to quads/helis.